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II Torneig Escolar Tres Peons Grup B

Last update 23.02.2018 20:24:30, Creator/Last Upload: jaume gallart zafra

Starting rank

1Altimira Roger1erTaber
2Baixas Guim2onFrederic Mistral
3Borrell Bruno2onFrederic Mistral
4Bujons Abril3erLurdes
5Burzon Max2onFrederic Mistral
6Casalots Albert2onFrederic Mistral
7Codony Albert3erVedruna
8Collet Pau2onFrederic Mistral
9Da Gama Leo2onTaber
10Fabregas Quim1erTaber
11Garcia Estruch Gabriel2onTres Peons
12Gil Fèlix3erLurdes
13Lamich Lucas2onFrederic Mistral
14Lliteras Iu3erFrederic Mistral
15Marcillas Nicolau3erTaber
16Martin Prats Èric2onTres Peons
17Martínez Martí3erFrederic Mistral
18Novoa Manuel3erLurdes
19Nyeki Marcell3erLurdes
20Ortiz Ivet3erTres Peons
21Paluzie Joan2onFrederic Mistral
22Pastor Martí3erFrederic Mistral
23Pirot Vilalta Guiu3erVedruna
24Prats Bernat3erLurdes
25Prunes Daniel2onFrederic Mistral
26Queralt Daniela3erFrederic Mistral
27Rossell Arnau3erLurdes
28Sanjose Jaurrieta Otto1erTaber
29Sendra Arnau2onFrederic Mistral
30Solé Palau Bruna1erTaber
31Salvador Valenti2onFrederic Mistral
32Alfocea Max3erLurdes
33Codony Roger2onTaber
34Osarte Elias3erFrederic Mistral
35De Juan Pau3erFrederic Mistral
36Tobias Victor3erFrederic Mistral
37Ruiz Pol3erFrederic Mistral
38Bové Manel3erFrederic Mistral
39Plana Arnau2onFrederic Mistral
40Cabré Enric3erFrederic Mistral