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Third Saturday Djenovici MNE - IM II-2018

Last update 26.02.2018 20:02:44, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank list of players

8IMSredojevic Ivan929310SRB2351
9FMPecurica Milos944963MNE2334
5IMFarkas Tibor933333SRB2317
4IMRadlovacki Jovan907430SRB2307
10FMKecskemeti Arpad925322SRB2284
6FMLundin Jan1706896SWE2270
1FMKumar Nikhil30909040USA2258
3FMPopadic Dragan913650MNE2171
7Mikavica Mirko908657SRB2154
2Radovic Stefan1706802SWE2084