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Campeonato Argentino Femenino Sub 18 - Vicente Lopez 9 al 13 de Febrero

Last update 13.02.2018 17:23:34, Creator/Last Upload: liga nacional de ajedrez

Starting rank list of players

7WCMSuito Nakasone Catherine136360ARG2014FMDA
3Encina Guadalupe128309ARG1763FASGBA
1Aranda Katherine131946ARG1293FASGBA
2Asselborn Haindl Evelyn167029ARG1284Chaco
8Socano Ayelen180599ARG1205Mendoza
4Ghiberto Lucia134503ARG1170Rafaela
5Martocci ValentinaARG0La Pampa
6Reynoso PilarARG0San Luis