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Petra Weekend no.14

Last update 26.02.2018 13:31:15, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 17)

Starting rank list of players

1IMArdeleanu Alin1200658ROU2339Acs "petra-Sah" Satu Mare
2FMChereches Marius-Cristian725064HUN2171UNGARIA
3FMSuciu Dinu-Simi1203479ROU2147Cs Muncitorul Resita
4IAnghelus Alin-Gabriel1233386ROU2063Lps Satu Mare
5FMCostin Petrica1218093ROU2059Acs "petra-Sah" Satu Mare
6NMHelmer Janos1201239ROU2028Csm Cluj Napoca
7IIlonczai Levente-David1230190ROU1964Lps Satu Mare
8Marchis Arghil720011HUN1900