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2018 Barbados Open Chess Championship 1st Qualifier

Last update 28.01.2018 01:58:11, Creator/Last Upload: bcf1981

Starting rank

1IMHUSBANDS Orlando11101644BAR2230UWI Blackbirds
2CMPRESCOD Bryan11101660BAR2036UWI Blackbirds
3HERBERT Allan11100206BAR1711
4MAHTANI Nitin11102870BAR1690Harrison College
5ELCOCK Corie11101601BAR1654
6LOWE Mark11102535BAR1639
7SANDIFORD Kyle11102349BAR1568Harrison College
8EDWARDS Emar11103345BAR1529UWI Blackbirds
9MAUGHN Shane11103310BAR1495Queen's College
10CMSANDIFORD Leigh11102543BAR1455Harrison College
11ESTWICK Taiye11103914BAR1339Harrison College
12EVERSLEY Kiarra11103426BAR1338wQueen's College
13MURRAY Donna11102470BAR1328w
14JOHNSON Azaria11103825BAR1316wHarrison College
15HADDOCK Richard11103892BAR1291
16SARGEANT Cody11102594BAR1209The Lodge School
17HILL Yeshua11103604BAR1145Harrison College
18BURKE Joshua11103280BAR1126Deighton Griffith Secondary School
19MOORE Gaybrianna11103760BAR1099wHarrison College
20BARNETT Jason11101946BAR0
21JOHNSON Jerald11101830BAR0