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Riffa Inter School Chess Championship

Last update 04.04.2010 07:34:04, Creator/Last Upload: bahrain chess federation

Starting rank

1Dalal AbdulrazzaqBRN1000West Riffa Intermediat
2Dana AbdulrahmanBRN1000West Riffa Secondary
3Haya Al NoaimiBRN1000West Riffa Intermediat
4Kim ViolettaBRN1000East Riffa Intermediat
5Noor MohammedBRN1000East Riffa Intermediat
6Nuhal MamdoohBRN1000Al Mustaqbal
7Nujood Al OtaibiBRN1000Al Mustaqbal
8Shaika Al KhaterBRN1000West Riffa Secondary
9Eman MohammedBRN1000Safra Intermediat