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XIII Juegos Deportivos Nivel Inicial (Arequipa) Varones

Last update 16.11.2017 15:09:57, Creator/Last Upload: cutipa eco64

Starting rank

1Ajahuana Torres RenePER0San Joaquin
2Begredal Soto AndrezPER0Maxwell
3Carpio Arenas JordanPER0San Joaquin
4Gonzales Loayza AdrianoPER0Anna Jarvis
5Menendez Ramos AlejandroPER0A. Fleming
6Patiño Chuquimaqui GabrielPER0Maxwell
7Pauca Salazar MatiasPER0San Jeronimo
8Quispe Riquelme JoaquinPER0Andre Breton
9Saira Chambi AlejandroPER0A. Fleming
10Ticona Gutierrez JosePER0Gerardo Iquira
11Tone Vizcarra JosuePER0Ntra. Sra. del Pilar
12Vega Cabala MatiasPER0San Jeronimo
13Zarapa AdrianoPER0Anna Jarvis