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Caissa Autumn Friday Open

Last update 01.12.2017 16:03:55, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Rivas Vila David2221594ESP2147
2AGMMuniz Pardino Alberto2229560HKG2061
3AGMTushar Anand5079128IND1982
4Ho In Hei Henry6002552HKG1768
5Pu Henry66202434HKG1616
6Garceran Wang Miguel Angel6002005HKG1458
7Pu Ethan66202906HKG1142
8Hill-Wood Edward453862ENG0
9Hill-Wood T Wilfred D453838ENG0
10Kwok Hiu Nok Taylor6004806HKG0
11Lopez De Anda Edgar30941539USA0
12Michishita Noah6004652HKG0
13Peloux De Reydellet Jean-Baptiste45181888FRA0