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Cupa Ziua Armatei - incepatori

Last update 15.10.2017 21:22:17, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 21)

Starting rank

1IIIonita George-Calin4410162125713710371037U12Csm Focsani 2007
2IIIZlata Alex-Stefan4410176125808701055U10Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
3FCNeagu Andrei-Danut4410251127859201009U08Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
4IIINitu Ileana-Veronica4410179125803601001wU10Csm Focsani 2007
5Apostu Ana-Maria001001wCsm Focsani 2007
6Balas Bogdan-Florin001001U10Csm Focsani 2007
7Besleaga Bianca-Maria001001wU08Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
8Calugareanu Radu-Petru001001U08Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
9Facila Patric-Andrei001001Csm Focsani 2007
10Gafton Albert-Florin001001U08Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
11Gheorghias Diana-Maria001001wCs Olimp Sah Focsani
12Grigore Petru Andrei001001U08Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
13Haimana-Munteanu Stefan001001Sc. gimnaz. nr. 3 Focsani
14Nechita Rares001001Sc. gimnaz. nr. 3 Focsani
15Pila Denis-Ionut001001U08Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
16Spiridonescu Antonia001001wSc. gimnaz. D. Zamfirescu Focsani
17Stefanescu Vasile-Mihai001001U10Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
18Toia Filip-Andrei001001Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
19FCEsanu David-Adrian441025301001U08Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
20FCGrecu Yannis-Raphael4410255127856801001U08Csm Focsani 2007
21FCLupu Elena4410249127857601001wU08Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
22FCNicolau Andrei4410252127860601001U08Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
23FCPandele Alexandra-Nicoleta441019101001wU10Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
24FCPopa Alicia4410240126851101001wU10Cs Olimp Sah Focsani
25FCSamoila Vlad4410254128035001001U08Cs Olimp Sah Focsani