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Fontana 13

Last update 24.11.2017 14:36:39, Creator/Last Upload: sahovski savez vojvodine

Starting rank list of players

8IMRunic Zoran14401410BIH2387
1IMLaketic Gojko900583SRB2370
10IMSredojevic Ivan929310SRB2367
6GMPopchev Milko2900165FID2316
7FMKuzmin Yuriy24122041RUS2272
5WFMCitra Dewi Ardhiani Anastasia7101244INA2256
9FMJovic Stevan923206SRB2255
2Dushyant Sharma25065130IND2219
4Sahil Tickoo5019710IND2162
3Zhang Fuhan8616493CHN2005