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Blitz tournament 4

Last update 22.11.2017 00:57:31, Creator/Last Upload: sahovski savez vojvodine

Starting rank

1GMDrazic Sinisa901172SRB2524
2IMSredojevic Ivan929310SRB2423
3IMMihajlov Sebastian1512110NOR2412
4FMRogac Srdjan920576SRB2409
5FMJovic Stanoje905020SRB2382
6IMCuhendi Sean Winshand7101554INA2338
7WFMCitra Dewi Ardhiani Anastasia7101244INA2071
8Petrusic Velimir922676SRB2065
9Zhang Fuhan8616493CHN2005
10Sahil Tickoo5019710IND1989
11Hart Alexander1735829SWE1762
12Dushyant Sharma25065130IND1741
13Vora Ananya46603662IND1283