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2nd Nobavegan Rapid Cup - Under-14 (Rated)

Last update 17.09.2017 12:14:22, Creator/Last Upload: na mr. amin abedi

Starting rank crosstable

No.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts.Rk. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Mahdavi Reza1842IRI 54w+ 31b1 13w1 8w1 4b1 2b1 3w½ 10w17,510,043,07
2Daliri Pedram1726IRI 55b1 32w1 16b1 10w1 5b1 1w0 12b1 3w06,050,044,56
3Zahmati Sobhan1720IRI 56w1 33b1 17w1 9b½ 8w1 4w1 1b½ 2b17,020,043,06
4Mahdavi Hossein1611IRI 57b1 36w1 18b1 21w1 1w0 3b0 23w1 19b16,060,041,56
5Alimardani Amir H1480IRI 58w1 38b1 19w1 28b1 2w0 17b1 31w½ 6b16,540,039,06
6Rahmani Pedram1446IRI -0 69w1 24b1 40b1 23w1 21w1 10b½ 5w05,5110,042,05
7Mazandaranizadeh Radman1370IRI 59b1 37w1 21b0 30w1 32b0 56w1 22b½ 28w15,5140,037,05
8Ashouri Aghababaei Amir Mahdi1337IRI 60w1 40b1 23w1 1b0 3b0 58w1 25w0 56b15,0190,041,05
9Rezaei Amirhossein1331IRI 61b1 41w1 27b1 3w½ 52b½ 32w0 26b1 21w05,0200,040,04
10Khosravi M.Javad1322IRI 62w1 42b1 25w1 2b0 28w1 19b1 6w½ 1b05,5100,044,05
11Eftekhari Azar Ali1274IRI 63b1 45w1 30b½ 52w0 29b1 13w0 18b1 22w04,5350,036,04
12Garousi Farbod1257IRI 64w1 48b1 28w0 42b1 25w1 20b1 2w0 32b05,0220,039,05
13Abdolhoseini Arshiya1242IRI 65b1 47w1 1b0 37w0 60b1 11b1 28w½ 40b04,5360,035,54
14Makhdoumi Erfan1239IRI 66w0 29b1 64w1 56b1 31w0 62b1 40w½ 85b15,5150,036,05
15Mohammadi Roham1229IRI 67b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,0980,022,00
16Rahmani Helya1187IRI 68w1 66b1 2w0 60b1 33w1 31b0 42w1 25b½5,5130,039,05
17Bagheri Hossein1179IRI 69b1 67w1 3b0 39w1 37b1 5w0 36b1 87w05,0210,039,55
18Novin Ahmadreza1146IRI 70w1 83b1 4w0 62b0 66w1 85b0 11w0 77b-3,0640,034,03
19Khalili Behrad1138IRI 71b1 74w1 5b0 41w1 89b1 10w0 52b1 4w05,0230,038,55
20Zamani Mohammad Saleh1129IRI 72w+ 85b0 66w1 83b1 62w1 12w0 87b0 58b15,0270,035,05
21Noori Aydin1125IRI 73b1 84w1 7w1 4b0 85w1 6b0 89w1 9b16,080,038,06
22Rajabi Amir Hosein1120IRI 74w- -0 46w1 68b1 70w1 83b1 7w½ 11b15,5180,030,55
23Rastgou Danial1102IRI 75b1 89w1 8b0 61w1 6b0 73w1 4b0 52w04,0400,036,04
24Mirzaei Mohammad Soroush1097IRI 78w½100b1 6w0 93b1 30w1 52w1 32b1 31b16,530,039,56
25Rahmani Melika1091IRI 76b1 98w1 10b0 67w1 12b0 74w1 8b1 16w½5,5160,035,05
26Liyaei Mani1069IRI -0 -0 -1 69w1 61b1 86b1 9w0 62b04,0500,032,53
27Esfandiari M. Parsa1055IRI 77w1 93b1 9w0 85b0 74w0 65b1 69w½ 89b03,5610,032,03
28Davari Sara1049IRI 79b1101w1 12b1 5w0 10b0 76w1 13b½ 7b04,5340,038,54
29Karimi Mahdi1041IRI 52b½ 14w0 97w1 78b1 11w0 30b1 85w½ 68b15,0280,034,54
30Abdolrazaghi Pooya1040IRI 43w1 97b1 11w½ 7b0 24b0 29w0101b1 78w14,5370,034,54
31Ghaemi Ali Reza1038IRI 80b1 1w0 63b1 73w1 14b1 16w1 5b½ 24w05,5120,041,05
32Mohamadi Niyousha1008IRI 81w1 2b0 68w1 87b1 7w1 9b1 24w0 12w16,070,041,06
33Mohammadi Melika1002IRI 82b1 3w0 65b1 79w1 16b0 87w0 73b1 60w15,0290,034,05
34Abbasi Amir Abbas0IRI 83w0 70b1 73w0 74b0 77w0 71b0 64w1 81b02,0880,024,52
35Ahmadipour Negar0IRI 85w0 73b0 78w0 91b1 81w0 82b½ 97w0 64b01,5930,023,51
36Alizadeh Farbod0IRI 86b1 4b0 76w1 89w0 63b1 93b1 17w0 74w15,0250,036,55
37Amini Mahsa0IRI 87w1 7b0 77w1 13b1 17w0 89b0 70w1 93b04,0390,037,54
38Amini Parsa0IRI 88b1 5w0 67b0 71w1 73b0 69w0 78b0 75w13,0700,027,53
39Asgari Abolfazl0IRI 89w0 75b1 43w1 17b0 83w0 66b0 65w1 69b14,0590,027,54
40Asgari Hosein0IRI 90b1 8w0 71b1 6w0 67b1100w1 14b½ 13w15,5170,034,55
41Badr Anita0IRI 91w1 9b0 80w1 19b0 86w0 67b1 74b0 73w14,0580,028,54
42Dadaei Pakdeh Arshya0IRI 92b1 10w0 74b1 12w0 75b1101w1 16b0 79w15,0310,032,05
43Ebrahimi Fatemeh0IRI 30b0 51w1 39b0 75w0 82b1 79w0 67w0 88b13,0740,026,03
44Eftekhari Soroush0IRI 93w0 76b0 81w1 70b0 92w0 94b0 91b0 82w01,0960,025,01
45Fakourian Arian0IRI 94b1 11b0 83w0 76w0 84b0 98w1 71w1 86b03,0710,027,53
46Ghasemi Mohammad Amin0IRI -0 -0 22b0 88w0 59b0 51w0 -1 99b½1,5920,024,00
47Hajikhosravi Liliya0IRI 95w1 13b0 87w0 77b1 93w0 68b0 81w1 83b14,0540,031,04
48Hosseininejad Mohammad Mahdi0IRI 96b1 12w0 79b0 80w1 76b0 75w1 84b1 63w15,0330,027,05
49Jalilvand Ali0IRI 97w0 77b0 86w0101b0 91w1 99b1 92w1100b03,0790,024,03
50Jalilvand Amirali0IRI 98b0 79w0 88b1 82w1 87b0 84w0 75b1 76w03,0720,027,03
51Jamshidi Sanaz0IRI100w0 43b0 90w0 95b0 94w0 46b1 99w1 91b13,0810,020,03
52Karimi Mostafa0IRI 29w½ 78b1 85w1 11b1 9w½ 24b0 19w0 23b15,0240,038,04
53Kazemi Seyed Amirali0IRI101b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,0990,022,00
54Kazemi Seyed Amirmasih0IRI 1b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,01000,022,00
55Kazemi Soheil0IRI 2w0 80b0 91w1 86b0 95w1 70b0 94w0 92b02,0870,025,52
56Keimasi Aria0IRI 3b0 82w1 84b1 14w0 79b1 7b0 77w1 8w04,0410,036,04
57Keimasi Reza0IRI 4w0 81b1 93w0 92b1101w0 77b0 95w1 97b14,0570,029,04
58Khaki Taha0IRI 5b0 86w1 89b0 84w1 90b1 8b0 83w1 20w04,0430,034,04
59Khalili Benita0IRI 7w0 87b0 92w0 99b0 46w1 95b0 98w0 -12,0890,024,01
60Khalilzadeh Kiarash0IRI 8b0 88w1 98b1 16w0 13w0 81b1 86w1 33b04,0470,032,54
61Khodabandeh A.Mahdi0IRI 9w0 90b1100w1 23b0 26w0 97b1 93w0 94b14,0520,031,54
62Kourechi Ali0IRI 10b0 92w1101b1 18w1 20b0 14w0 76b1 26w15,0300,034,05
63Lak Amirreza0IRI 11w0 91b1 31w0 97b1 36w0 92b1 90w1 48b04,0550,030,54
64Laloueian Paniz0IRI 12b0 94w1 14b0 90w0 88b½ 78w0 34b0 35w12,5820,026,02
65Lotfi Mohammad Mahdi0IRI 13w0 95b1 33w0100b0 96w1 27w0 39b0 98b02,0860,028,02
66Mahdavi Mahdi0IRI 14b1 16w0 20b0 98w1 18b0 39w1 79b0 84w14,0460,033,04
67Mohammad Gholiha Reza0IRI 15w+ 17b0 38w1 25b0 40w0 41w0 43b1 90w14,0490,032,54
68Mohammadi Hadis0IRI 16b0 96w1 32b0 22w0 98b1 47w1100b1 29w04,0420,036,04
69Mokhtari Nahal Sana0IRI 17w0 6b0 95w1 26b0 99w1 38b1 27b½ 39w03,5630,029,53
70Molaei Kian0IRI 18b0 34w0 94b1 44w1 22b0 55w1 37b0101w03,0750,025,53
71Moradi Mani0IRI 19w0 99b1 40w0 38b0 97w0 34w1 45b0 95b13,0780,025,03
72Nejadkheir Sana0IRI 20b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,01010,022,00
73Rahmani Amir Mahdi0IRI 21w0 35w1 34b1 31b0 38w1 23b0 33w0 41b03,0660,031,03
74Rahmani Amir Mohammad0IRI 22b+ 19b0 42w0 34w1 27b1 25b0 41w1 36b04,0440,033,54
75Rahmani Khoshkou Amirreza0IRI 23w0 39w0 96b1 43b1 42w0 48b0 50w0 38b02,0850,029,02
76Rahmani Mohammad Iman0IRI 25w0 44w1 36b0 45b1 48w1 28b0 62w0 50b14,0510,032,04
77Ravanshad Bardiya0IRI 27b0 49w1 37b0 47w0 34b1 57w1 56b0 18w+4,0600,027,54
78Rezaei Armin0IRI 24b½ 52w0 35b1 29w0100w0 64b1 38w1 30b03,5620,032,03
79Rezaei Mahdi0IRI 28w0 50b1 48w1 33b0 56w0 43b1 66w1 42b04,0450,033,54
80Sadri Saba0IRI 31w0 55w1 41b0 48b0 -0 -0 -0 -01,0950,027,51
81Salehi Mahtina0IRI 32b0 57w0 44b0 94w1 35b1 60w0 47b0 34w13,0760,025,53
82Samadi Mohsen0IRI 33w0 56b0 99w1 50b0 43w0 35w½ 88b0 44b12,5840,021,52
83Seyedrezaei Mobinasadat0IRI 34b1 18w0 45b1 20w0 39b1 22w0 58b0 47w03,0650,031,53
84Shaghaghi Mohammad Amin0IRI 99w1 21b0 56w0 58b0 45w1 50b1 48w0 66b03,0670,030,53
85Shahkandi Mohammad Amin0IRI 35b1 20w1 52b0 27w1 21b0 18w1 29b½ 14w04,5380,034,54
86Shiri Omid0IRI 36w0 58b0 49b1 55w1 41b1 26w0 60b0 45w14,0560,029,54
87Shomali Amir Mohammad0IRI 37b0 59w1 47b1 32w0 50w1 33b1 20w1 17b16,090,033,06
88Tahekhani Mohammad Mahdi0IRI 38w0 60b0 50w0 46b1 64w½ 90b0 82w1 43w02,5830,023,02
89Taherkhani Amirhossein0IRI 39b1 23b0 58w1 36b1 19w0 37w1 21b0 27w15,0260,035,55
90Taherkhani Artin0IRI 40w0 61w0 51b1 64b1 58w0 88w1 63b0 67b03,0680,029,03
91Taherkhani Dadmehr0IRI 41b0 63w0 55b0 35w0 49b0 -1 44w1 51w02,0910,019,51
92Taherkhani Fatemeh0IRI 42w0 62b0 59b1 57w0 44b1 63w0 49b0 55w13,0770,025,53
93Taherkhani Zahra0IRI 44b1 27w0 57b1 24w0 47b1 36w0 61b1 37w15,0320,032,05
94Talebi Sana0IRI 45w0 64b0 70w0 81b0 51b1 44w1 55b1 61w03,0800,021,53
95Talebi Setayesh0IRI 47b0 65w0 69b0 51w1 55b0 59w1 57b0 71w02,0900,023,02
96Tohidi Danial0IRI 48w0 68b0 75w0 -1 65b0 -0 -0 -01,0970,022,50
97Vahdaninia Mohammadreza0IRI 49b1 30w0 29b0 63w0 71b1 61w0 35b1 57w03,0690,029,03
98Vahid Ali0IRI 50w1 25b0 60w0 66b0 68w0 45b0 59b1 65w13,0730,027,03
99Zahmati Sajedeh0IRI 84b0 71w0 82b0 59w1 69b0 49w0 51b0 46w½1,5940,021,51
100Zamani Homayoun0IRI 51b1 24w0 61b0 65w1 78b1 40b0 68w0 49w14,0530,031,54
101Zamani Mohammadtaha0IRI 53w+ 28b0 62w0 49w1 57b1 42b0 30w0 70b14,0480,032,54

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories (variable)