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Blitz Loreto 2

Last update 13.09.2017 22:23:44, Creator/Last Upload: cec

Starting rank list of players

2Beney Eddy1306251SUI1987Sierre
8Bijelic Milan1321307SUI1960Sion Club
7Tabin René1315900SUI1858Sierre
5Pellaton Fernand1312740SUI1771Sierre
1Günsberg Alex1316443SUI1770Sierre Cercle D'echecs Et D'ar
6Kovacic NadaSUI1531Sierre Cercle D'echecs Et D'ar
3Duc JeremySUI1226St. Gallen Sk
4Bonvin MatthiasSUI0Sierre Cercle D'echecs Et D'ar