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European Universities Chess Championship 2017 Women (Rapid)

Última Actualização22.09.2017 20:51:29, Creator/Last Upload: lviv region cf

Os melhores jogadores: por pontos

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1FMVOIT DARIA2452RUSSIA - Ural State Mining University4,590,023405
2WIMVELIKIC ADELA2196SERBIA - University of Belgrade3,570,021745
3WIMLACH ALEKSANDRA2234POLAND - AGH University of Science and T3,060,020895
4WGMKULON KLAUDIA2295POLAND - Poznań Uniwersity of Economics2,550,020055
5WIMVARGA KLARA2144HUNGARY - University of Physical Educati1,530,018865
Board 2
1WFMTERBE ZSUZSANNA2062HUNGARY - University of Physical Educati4,080,022025
2WIMSTYAZHKINA ANNA2225RUSSIA - Ural State Mining University4,080,021695
3WIMERIC JOVANA2230SERBIA - University of Belgrade4,080,021685
4WCMSILVA MARIANA SOFIA T.1855PORTUGAL - University of Minho1,530,018545
5KOWALSKA SARA1869POLAND - AGH University of Science and T1,020,017615
6WOLNIACZYK DARIA1631POLAND - Poznań Uniwersity of Economics0,510,016825