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Nat. Ch. 1-8 final 2017 Kiryat Ono

Last update 22.11.2017 21:49:40, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank

1Shwarchbard Zvi2808080ISR1882Tel Aviv
2Shetah Roi2820323ISR1814Kiryat Ono
3Vagman Roy2828995ISR1805Kiryat Ono
4Tamir Roee2821532ISR1791Kiryat Ono
5Efrati Alon2832917ISR1785Shoham
6Gnedov Dmitry2838567ISR1746Kiryat Ono
7Levy Avner2814250ISR1746Hertzliya
8Gradenwitz Oded2808889ISR1744Petach Tikva
9Bronfman Dan2839679ISR1701Asa Tel Aviv
10Neerman Roy2828952ISR1675Kiryat Ono
11Malkin Ben2824973ISR1669Petach Tikva
12Kaspin Ido2818744ISR1651Kiryat Ono
13Geffen Maor2833395ISR1629Kiryat Ono
14Milatin Zvi2814293ISR1627Hertzliya
15Kadosh Lior2822180ISR1623Kiryat Ono
16Lulav Hadar2825562ISR1589Haifa Nesher
17Nagar Or2825023ISR1589Petach Tikva
18Turkenitz Inbal2828529ISR1568Kiryat Ono
19Arad Daniel2827557ISR1532Kiryat Ono
20Sivan Lynn2827336ISR1509Kiryat Ono
21Levian Omer2833530ISR1485Kiryat Ono
22Kalk May2828545ISR1460Petach Tikva