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Scarborough Open

Last update 16.09.2017 12:12:14, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1FMWALKER David J400882ENG2194ncl North East England
2OKHAI Shabir445134ENG202Syston
3WISE David405825ENG192Thornaby
4COMBIE Alex B411779ENG187Newark & Southwell
5REYNOLDS Mark A421227ENG187Consett
6WILLOW Jonah B438804ENG181West Nottingham
7KENDALL Paul Sn412309ENG177Beverley
8NEWTON Robert A406775ENG177Rochdale
9HARKNESS Brian DENG174Consett
10WEBSTER Richard J409162ENG169Ashfield
11SKELSEY StuartENG166Forest Hall
12JOHNSON Paul A415677ENG154York Ri
13SHEPPARD Derek A425974ENG143Hull
14CHESHIRE Paul L417831ENG120Phoenix (yorks)