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Canadian Junior 2017 - U1600

Last update 14.08.2017 00:11:16, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 38)

Starting rank

1Mirabelli Aidan2619997CAN1566ON
2Gao Raymond2629429CAN1546ON
3Jeyakumar Bhavatharshan2619148CAN1511ON
4Galvis Nicholas PintoCAN1505ON
5Vo Andy2627884CAN1472PE
6Joseph Benher Savio2629453CAN1437ON
7Wang IsabelleCAN1410QC
8Wu Edward Yang2629526CAN1410ON
9Xiang Christopher2629534CAN1388ON
10Hua MichelleCAN1383ON
11Locham DivjotCAN1373ON
12Srinivas Atharva2623900CAN1365ON
13Liu Harrison (hangchen)2628570CAN1350ON
14Gajelli AryanCAN1348ON
15Gao William (zhimao)2629437CAN1313ON
16Zhang Henry XianruiCAN1310ON
17Yang Brett2630222CAN1256ON
18Sarkar Rishi8504466CAN1253ON
19Vo Peter2627892CAN1242PE
20Gao LucyCAN1225ON
21Mazze MatteoCAN1195ON
22Liu AaronCAN1193ON
23Wang David (ziye)2629500CAN1147ON
24Wang AndrewCAN1145ON
25Qin VincentCAN1129ON
26Chen SihaoCAN1128ON
27Qiu JamesCAN1119ON
28Wang Zhixing (daniel)CAN1105ON
29Chen VincentCAN1104ON
30Huang DannyCAN1085ON
31Surya DaniaCAN1072ON
32Dey JaiCAN1068ON
33Liu Gloria2629836CAN1044ON
34Dhanoa JeevenCAN1013ON
35Wang YinanCAN1007ON
36Xu AlexCAN975ON
37Narasimhan SiddarthCAN933ON
38Qu EdisonCAN910ON
39Mazze LorenzoCAN900ON
40Liao JodieCAN879ON
41Shi KevinCAN872ON
42Mane ArnavCAN870ON
43Dalrymple IzayahCAN838ON
44Green HallieCAN825ON
45Zhu RickyCAN810ON
46Tao KaitlynCAN778ON
47Chen RichardCAN772ON
48Chi SarahCAN740ON
49Wang Xiuqi (arthur)CAN731ON
50Green AdielCAN723ON
51Cheng AdamCAN554ON
52Feng EricCAN493ON
53Deng Ren XiCAN0FO
54Garcia NaeemaCAN0ON
55Gauthier DavidCAN0ON
56Tian Zi HanCAN0FO
57Ma Xiao YuCAN0FO
58He Wei NuoCAN0FO
59Shah NityaCAN0ON
60Wang ZhenQiCAN0FO
61Huang Ding YanCAN0
62Ahmed Syed IbrahimCAN0ON