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Cupa Vacantei 2017 U16

Last update 13.08.2017 15:58:57, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 48)

Starting rank

1IIBalaban Nicolae-Adrian1265105ROU1060Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest
2IVPascu Mircea-Constantin1275712ROU1030Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
3IIMarta George-Viorel1269550ROU1017Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest
4FCNguyen Thi-Anh-Thu1279750ROU1001Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
5FCSirbu Nicolae1268236ROU1001Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest
6FCStanciu Calin-Andrei1275739ROU1001Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
7Bege Matei ErnoROU0
8Pietrareanu Dan CristianROU0
9Popescu Cristian CalinROU0
10Stoica Andra MihaelaROU0