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Olomouc Chess Summer 2017 - B2 - Proclient Cup turnaj IM

Last update 19.08.2017 13:46:01, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 63

Starting rank list of players

3IMGalyas Miklos707244HUN2486
9IMBiolek Richard300756CZE2439
4WIMOlsarova Karolina320242CZE2283
8WIMMammadova Narmin13403710AZE2277
2IMJurek Josef300993CZE2274
5FMNitish Belurkar5084768IND2269
10FMBurnett Andrew2400855SCO2209
7Leeb Simon12924768GER2207
1FMTymrakiewicz Rafal1108832POL2188
6Pranav Anand46626786IND2155