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2017 Midland Championship Open

Last update 13.08.2017 20:09:26, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1GMHebden Mark L400084ENG2477
2GMArkell Keith C400270ENG2414
3Carleton John J401013ENG2300
4FMSowray Peter J400971ENG2297
5Nelson Jonathan P404195ENG2182
6Sneberg John452823ENG2179
7Murphy Conor E421669ENG2164
8Sygnowski Tomasz1115880POL2143
9Harborne Matthew J411531ENG2121
10Stewart Ashley419001ENG2112
11Okhai Shabir445134ENG2111
12WFMBhatia Kanwal K407496ENG2071
13Gilmore Simon N408719ENG2050
14Hunt Malcolm A412295ENG2039
15Sanghera Parminder2402424SCO2020
16Bryant Richard Be407267ENG1997
17Savage Nicholas W417157ENG1986
18Ackley Peter Je414824ENG1984
19Taylor Robert K408450ENG1976
20Gardiner Eric D435880ENG1955
21Ireland David J413178ENG1947
22Davis Lee1801325WLS1945
23Smith Simon C424633ENG1912
24Ansari Athar428655ENG1901
25Mort Andrew J418846ENG1862
26Ali Golam S414646ENG1859
27Guha Chirag1802968WLS1824
28Uddin Moin412627ENG1739
29Wiltshir Rich445835ENG1691
30Patel Devan447889ENG1558
31Asaad Asaad460737ENG0
32Milton PeterENG0