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XV Festival de Ajedrez Centroamericano y del Caribe Panama 2017 Girls U-16

Last update 15.08.2017 20:13:25, Creator/Last Upload: pepecarrillo

Starting rank

1WFMObregon Garcia Roxangel3520420CUB2135
2Cayon Laura Valentina4430840COL1715
3Yon Wong Mai Lyng3525678CUB1682
4Norena Derly Jiseth4430859COL1603
5Samayoa Gomez Maria Rene7302800GUA1553
6Blackwood Ashanti7402996JAM1524
7Ali Amy7703015TTO1510
8Medina Murgado Lien5129141CUB1498
9Porter Rochelle7402163JAM1436
10Yankana Alliyah7402406JAM1427
11Perez Granados Marian6511325CRC1121
12Hardy Robinson Yeisi Mileika6603858PAN0
13Ospina Diaz Neishly Kellyn6603114PAN0
14Pineda Fatima6602320PAN0