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2nd Fischer Memorial Anogia GM-norm Tournament 2017

Last update 26.09.2017 13:33:00, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank list of players

8IMBailet Pierre655830FRA2534
2GMNikolaidis Ioannis4202139GRE2533
5GMKarpatchev Aleksandr4117182RUS2508
1GMKapnisis Spyridon4203445GRE2469
7IMVelten Paul681091FRA2455
10FMMcphillips Joseph422487ENG2413
3FMHorton Andrew P424269ENG2360
4FMGeorgakopoulos Nikolaos4210891GRE2301
9FMLe Ruyet Leopold645923FRA2282
6Anagnostopoulos Konstantinos4251067GRE2247