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16ème Festival International d'échecs Condom 2017 - Tournoi Fermé

Last update 15.07.2017 19:55:12, Creator/Last Upload: lapeyre

Starting rank list of players

5IMGrishchenko Sergey4136730RUS2439
6IMKukov Velislav2906139BUL2386
3FMBissieres Matthieu621390FRA2367
1IMDel Rey Diego102164ESP2349
7FMLemeaux David613843FRA2344
9Brih Said620890FRA2316
10Bogdanov Egor14119137UKR2292
2FMLaurent-Paoli Pierre26017962FRA2290
8CMLacroix Romain642592FRA2248
4Iwanesko Alexandre682136FRA2232