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Segunda UNRC 2017

Last update 05.09.2017 21:42:27, Creator/Last Upload: aapcajedrez

Starting rank

1Varela MalcoARG1986
2Caldelas MarcosARG1949
3Marconi NicolasARG1850
4Presta FranciscoARG1850
5Jimenez GermanARG1837
6Gutierrez FranciscoARG1802
7Barroto JoseARG1771
8Meneguzzo MauroARG1731
9Aguirre JoelARG1708
10Serra MateoARG1655
11Baudagna RodrigoARG1654
12Garetto EdgarARG1641
13Sanchez FrancoARG1638
14Oliva FacundoARG1606
15Ezquenazi SantiagoARG1591