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La Coupe du Wali de Inchiri 2017

Senast uppdaterad11.07.2017 02:06:43, Creator/Last Upload: fédération mauritanienne des échecs


1CMSabar Ethmane Daouda19600097MTN2076
2CMHemam Moulaye Brahim19600054MTN2021
3CMTaleb Mohamed Ahmed19600038MTN1961
4CMSidi Mbareck Mohamed19600186MTN1935
5CMYahi Mohamed Salem19600160MTN1860
6Ahmed El Bechir Mohamedou19600062MTN1832
7AIMTajedine Sidi Mohamed26030900MTN1804
8Ahmed Val Ahmedou19600364MTN1789
9Hassan Abderrahmane19601433MTN1713
10Chighali Cheikh Tijani19600909MTN1753
11Bellal Tiyeb19601131MTN1683
12Sid Ahmed Elmahmoud19600631MTN1662
13Abdallahi Med Mahmoud19600615MTN1655
14Mohamed Salem Ghailani19600844MTN1607
15Elvoullany Moctar Essalem19600518MTN1539
16MohamedAbdel Kader Mohamed Lem19600526MTN1730