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rapide ramadan 2017 SBA

Last update 11.06.2017 23:20:17, Creator/Last Upload: algerian+c1552

Starting rank

1GMHaddouche Mohamed7900660ALG2419
2Fellah Mohamed Amine7901100ALG2144
3FMSaim Mohamed Ilias7900465ALG2121
4Moulay Mehdi7901097ALG2000
5Mechab Salim7911297ALG1931
6Moueden Mohamed Amine7902018ALG1927
7Ouahabi Mourad7904401ALG1788
8Haddouche Belabbas7903057ALG1766
9Attaoui Mohamed Riad7909110ALG1764
10Zidi Rayan7907060ALG1756
11Zidi Sohaib7907079ALG1728
12Brahmi Amine7907214ALG1725
13Azzouz ryad7917864ALG1669
14Fellah Fouad Aimen7913893ALG1590
15Doucen Farouk7911874ALG1530
16Kendi Hiba Yamina7915284ALG1495
17Kendi Maher7917937ALG1442
18Amrane Ichrak7915020ALG0
19Amrane Tarek7906633ALG0
20Azzouz Farouk7911815ALG0
21Bouromana Abes7904223ALG0
22Daho Mohamed7903359ALG0
23Doucen Ayoub7911866ALG0
24Kendi abdellah7917929ALG0
25Ouahabi abedlmoudjib7914652ALG0