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Rockadens KM i Blixt 2017

Last update 19.05.2017 22:38:44, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schackförbund

Starting rank

1Backman MichaelSWE0
2Bit-Narva DavidSWE0
3Bryntze StefanSWE0
4Crevatin LeoSWE0
5Dadabaev ZhanybekSWE0
6Dimitris KalingasSWE0
7Duenas AlexisSWE0
8Eriksson HansSWE0
9Helena HellmerSWE0
10Hellman StenSWE0
11Ivarsson DanielSWE0
12Jeferli MohammedaliSWE0
13Lennart ÖrnmarkerSWE0
14Lindberg BoSWE0
15Lokander MartinSWE0
16Lögdahl HaraldSWE0
17Nilsson EgonSWE0
18Silins PeterSWE0
19Stern Sven-IngeSWE0
20Tuomainen FelixSWE0
21Tuomainen JouniSWE0
22Werner MartinSWE0
23Zoran TodorovicSWE0