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Tancats del Tres Peons: Grup 4

Last update 16.06.2017 23:42:22, Creator/Last Upload: josep m jordan garcia

Starting rank list of players

5Magallanes Gustavo19652121Peon Doblado
3Martinez Juan Manuel19542117Tres Peons C.E.
7Barragan Hernandez Manel19212095Tres Peons C.E.
9Van Keulen Onno19072091Tres Peons C.E.
8Torrents Ludewig Miguel18902056Tres Peons C.E.
6Corominas Garrido Jordi18842040Tres Peons C.E.
1Collell Rodriguez Victor18662037Peona I Peo, C.E.
4Solsona Olive Xavier18392020Tres Peons C.E.
2Martin Valentin Francisco18011994Tres Peons C.E.