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Mombasa International Open - Under 10 Section (Unrated)

Last update 22.04.2017 11:56:11, Creator/Last Upload: motochessv

Starting rank

1ALAPATI Navini Choudary21600023TAN0wAga Khan Academy
2ATIAGAGA Laurecia MinageKEN0wPawns 2 Kings Chess Club
3GOSRANI Reeyan10805389KEN0Tritonite Stars
4KINYANJUI TonyKEN0Alliance High School
5MUNGAI Hope WanguiKEN0wKid Farmaco Primary School
6MURAVVEJ AmeirKEN0Aga Khan Academy
7MUTEMBEI VictorKEN0Alliance High School
8MUTUA Amy MumoKEN0wTitans Chess Club
9MUTURI Erica MumbiKEN0wTitans Chess Club
10SHAH Devashri10809325KEN0wTritonite Stars
11SUTER NataliaKEN0wTitans Chess Club