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Legon African University Games Qualifiers

Last update 25.04.2016 11:32:40, Creator/Last Upload: ghana chess-federation

Starting rank

1Owusu-Ansah Nana FosuGHA1421Legon
2KLO JoelGHA1391Legon
3Addy David AbekuGHA1400Legon
4Akuffo-Ensaw Nana YawGHA1400Legon
5Buku Bubu KorkuGHA1400Legon
6Martey Philip MensahGHA1400Legon
7Moro Sherif MohammedGHA1400Legon
8Nafiu LawalGHA1400Legon
9Platt MarcusGHA1400Legon
10CMATTAH ElikemGHA1473Legon
11Awaji ChimaGHA1400Legon