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41st Myanmar National Chess Championship

Last update 06.07.2015 12:44:54, Creator/Last Upload: ia maung maung lwin

Starting rank list of players

12IMWynn Zaw Htun13002783MYA2386
15IMAung Aung, Aung Myo Hlaing13000101MYA2276
7Myint Han13000322MYA2271
14IMMyo Naing13000071MYA2260
3FMWynn Myint Oo13003143MYA2230
1Nyi Nyi Lwin13002481MYA2229
9Sie Thu13002767MYA2222
4Nay Win Aung13004387MYA2189
6Win Tun13003100MYA2188
8Tin Htun Zaw13000810MYA2170
16Han Min Soe13001817MYA2160
5Than Win A13003151MYA2098
13Khin Ko13000314MYA2097
11Linn Minn Htike13001884MYA2069
2Htay Min Lwin13001795MYA2032
10Maung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein13001698MYA1873