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2015 Victorian Championship

Last update 05.07.2015 00:53:11, Creator/Last Upload: palau chess federation

Starting rank list of players

4GMJohansen Darryl3200035AUS2428
9IMMorris James3205800AUS2402
12FMWallis Christopher3204839AUS2359
10IMSandler Leonid3201805AUS2250
8IMRujevic Mirko3202437AUS2198
3FMLevi Eddy3200183AUS2158
1FMDragicevic Domgoj3203328AUS2155
6Pyke Malcolm3203387AUS2111
11FMHamilton Douglas3200191AUS2076
5FMHacche David3200175AUS2055
2Schmidt Simon3214281AUS1976
7Drew Phillip3207862AUS1910