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38th Olympiad Dresden 2008 Open

Last update 02.05.2009 16:13:35, Creator/Last Upload: heinz herzog

Team composition for federation IRL

57. IRL (RtgAvg:2461, Captain:Keogh, Eamon)
1GMBaburin Alexander2544IRL
2IMKelly Brian2488IRL
3IMCollins Sam E2412IRL
4IMQuinn Mark2401IRL
5IMHeidenfeld Mark2364IRL
99. IRL (RtgAvg:1534, Captain:Scarry, Herbert)
1Ui Laighleis Gearoidin1935IRL
2Shaughnessy Elizabeth0IRL
3Cormican Sarah0IRL
4Coughlan Anne0IRL
5O'Boyle Una0IRL