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2015 Australian Junior Championships Under 18 Open

Last update 25.01.2015 03:25:41, Creator/Last Upload: australian chess enterprises

Starting rank

1Liu Yi3210588AUS2265
2Chen Pengyu3212092AUS2152
3Chew Lee Max3213137AUS2057
4Litchfield Frederick3218295AUS2004
5Press Harry3215539AUS1906
6Kethro Michael3215504AUS1873
7Lo Willis3213951AUS1869
8Russell Paul3222632AUS1868
9Koh Cedric3200523AUS1833
10WFMNarenthran Savithri3213250AUS1764
11Zhong Tony3216500AUS1763
12Johnston ThomasAUS1449
13Li HowellAUS403
14Kumar VineyAUS0